Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kate and Leopold Movie

There are a lot of great romantic movies out there. Two nights ago it was Pretty Woman. Tonight it was Kate and Leopold. In the movie tonight, it served a gentle reminder that part of romance is taking the time to do something nice for the person you care about. In one of the movie scenes, "Leopold" sets up a romantic dining area on a roof-top with candles, a nice table with linens, flowers, a violinist and a home cooked meal. Of course, with movie magic this is a snap but in real life, how appreciated would something like this be!

The wife of an old college buddy wrote on Facebook about how lucky she is to be married to her husband. What brought this on? He did the dishes and helped with the laundry and helped her with some errands. All without being asked. It's simple, isn't it? Time. Creativity. Thoughtfulness.

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