Monday, July 31, 2006

Ask Your Relationship Questions

Do you have any relationship questions that you need answered?

Recent questions (and answers) from previous blog posts:

- When she says she doesn't want anything for her birthday should I believe her?

No. She does want something and she wants to be surprised with a thoughtful gift -- not something you picked up hours before seeing her. The worst gift you can give in this case is something like a shrink-wrapped coffee gift basket from Costco.

- My girlfriend said she needs some space and time to think. Is she breaking things off with me?
Probably Yes. More than likely, she wants to see how life would be without you in it.

- My wife has been in a bad mood all week long. When I ask what's wrong, she says "nothing." What do you think is going on?
She is mad about something. Sit her down and ask her point blank. If she still maintains that nothing is wrong, let her know that you have noticed that she seems unhappy. The sooner you get to the root of the problem, the more quickly you can try to fix it.

Post your questions here. We will reply with a post soon.


Anonymous said...

My wife always says that I don't show her I love her. Even though I buy her really nice gifts and take her on some great vacations, I still get the same comments year after year after year. Why can't she just understand?

Monterey Concierge said...

Sometimes it's not the value of the gift but the thought. For example, did you take her on vacation to a place that she enjoyed? When you bought her a gift, was it something she had mentioned to you or something that you liked for her? Something as simple as a card or a phone call when you say, "I love you" can be enough to make her understand how you feel about her.