Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Romance Week

According to Chase's Guide to Annual Events, next week (August 13-19) is considered National Resurrect Romance Week. Should you care?

A lot of guys are down on the concept of Valentine's Day. Being "forced" into having to buy some spectacular gift on one particular day is a bit of added pressure that none of us needs.

But doing something romantic for her when she does not expect it can go a long way. And what better time to do it than Romance Week.

Do something nice not only for her but for yourself. Romance is about "you" the couple -- not just her. Have a little fun. Take her to a restaurant that has special meaning. Try to escape for a one night romantic getaway in the middle of the week. Buy her a gift that isn't super expensive but means a lot and that both of you can enjoy.

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Machine said...

Romance week might be a good opportunity for me to get out of the dog house from two back to back failed events - wedding anniversary and birthday.

Thanks to Romantic Room Designs, I was able to get a nice romantic "birthday kit" that was enjoyed very much, but I've discovered that making my wife happy on her birthday is not a simple matter. She has very high expectations and all my past birthday "failures" have not left her memory very quickly. It seems as though my ability to be creative and "romantic" severily lacking. I anticipate finding my self on this blog and the Romantic Room Designs site a little more often if I'm going to "get it right"!