Monday, December 17, 2007

What Women Think About Men

There was a movie that came out years ago with Mel Gibson called "What Women Want." His character had the ability to listen in to what women were really thinking. Wouldn't that help resolve a lot of questions!

Of course all men are different and all women are different. I asked someone who has been married for over 50 years what was most important to her about her husband. "Character", she said. "Without a doubt, it's all about who he is and not what he looks like."

Back in college I seem to remember a lot of girls who were more interested in a guys looks or if he was associated with popular people on campus. I think as we all get older, our needs change. The importance of looks and status are often replaced with a need for companionship and similar ideals.

What do you think? Send in your comments.


Emmie said...

Definitely. When we are young, we go for the looks, smartness and popularity etc. But as we grow older, we try to look for someone whom we can trust, share the little things in life, and is more compatible mentally.

twoofus birmingham said...

I agree. As I have grown older, looks don't matter at all. Who they are as a person and how they treat people is important. Funny when you look back when you were younger thinking looks were everything.