Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Would You Like to Get Engaged....and Married...On the Same Day?

Eloping has become more popular these days. After all, who has the money to spend ten or twenty thousand or more on a marriage (an article today cited an NBA basketball star spending $2 Million for his wedding..and he called it off!). If we could do it all over again, my wife and I would have eloped...or at least had a smaller ceremony.

So here's the deal. We are looking for a guy who would be willing to propose - and get married - on the same day. Propose in the morning - get married that same early evening. In California, this is perfectly legal as there is no waiting period and no blood test are necessary.

Just give us a shout by commenting below or email us at and we will get back to you with the details. Your proposal that we coordinate for you will be completely free. The ceremony will be highly discounted to include the officiant, flowers, ceremony decoration and a wedding photographer. What a Vegas thing to do (without the smoke, Elvis impersonators, one-armed bandits).


Ben said...

No way. I'm way too much of an old-fashioned romantic. I'm very much looking forward to having all my family and friends around. And I know my mom would never forgive me if I eloped. It would definitely be a huge insult to her. I guess I can see how a person might want to elope if they aren't on the best terms with their parents.

darren@romanticgiftsforhim said...

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