Friday, August 07, 2009

Can you go overboard with Romance?

Recently, I had a hotel worker tell me that he thought one of our clients was going a little overboard in making his girlfriend feel special. In one day, he took her horseback riding, on a picnic, for a beach bonfire (where he proposed) and then back to the romantic hotel (which was simply and elegantly decorated with rose petals, candles etc..). Can you do too much to impress a girl? What do you think?

In the illustration above, his girlfriend (now fiance) loved the extra special attention. Of course, it is always going to depend on the woman and on the amount of time you have been together. If you are out on a first date and try to "wow" her with a day full of romance, you more than likely will scare her off.


Anonymous said...

that woman just sound jealous of the other woman. No romance is too much except for too much at the begining if you just met.

Ben said...

I mean, maybe if that was an everyday occurrence. But he was proposing!! How can you be overly romantic on the day you're proposing?

Two Becomes One said...

I think this sounds like a great memorable way to propose!