Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas Proposal

Are you thinking of popping the question? Christmas might be the right time to ask.

There are a lot of factors to think about. Where are you spending Christmas? If it is with her family, do you feel confident enought that she will say yes? If you think she may be on the fence, either propose in private or wait until you know how she really feels about you. Otherwise, you may have a bit of trouble choking down that Christmas ham in front of your "should-have-been, could-have-been" in-laws.

How do you do it? There are a lot of clues out there on the net. Some guys do it as simple as wrapping a ring inside of a small gift box and presenting it on Christmas Eve. Others will take a more elaborate approach including:

- Placing a ring INSIDE of an ornament and hanging it on the tree for her to find.
- Wrapping yourself up in a large, wrapped box and having her unwrap you holding the ring (don't forget your air holes!)
- Dressing up as Santa Claus, taking her requests and offering the ring.

Just a few ideas. We have our own proposal ideas listed on the site that you may want to check out. In any event, take some time to plan it out. There is nothing worse than a story about a half-baked proposal (example: I handed her the ring while she was coming out of the shower).

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thanksgiving Toast

Most of us think of Thanksgiving as a time to spend with family, eating too much food and watching a little football. It's also a time to give thanks for what you have. If you're married to a wonderful woman, take a moment during dinner to express how much she means to you. It's not a grandiose holiday like Christmas or Valentine's Day -- but it one where your surprise speech will have quite an impact.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Local Romantic Getaway

If you live in Monterey County, you probably have not spent more than a night or two in a local hotel, inn or B&B. With the holidays approaching, this is a great time to pack an overnight bag and surprise your sweetie with a mid-week romantic getaway.

We know of over 30 hotels that are offering extra special value rates from November 1 - December 31 (sort of a locals rate). Package a room that is selling for 50+% off along with a romantic room design and you can enjoy a little relief from the hustle and bustle of the season.

We are offering a couple of new packages just for local Monterey County residents including a "Holiday Stress Relief" experience which includes discount offers from local spas, a shopping bag filled with area coupons, and some great in-room gift items to help you relax.

If you haven't found a gift for your significant other, you can always surprise them with a romantic vacation right in your own back yard. Chose a hotel and contact us about designing your own private romantic hideaway. Keep it a surprise and just show up to the hotel and check-in (you'll have to pack her bags for her). Enjoy a night out of dining and live music (yes, there is entertainment available on the Peninsula). Many of our designs include bath & body items and/or massage kits -- you may not want to leave the room after all!

Don't forget that our romantic, private bonfires are also available as we wind up our Indian Summer towards the end of this month.

Check out the details on our site at Romantic Room Designs or email us at sales@romanticroomdesigns.com for more details.

Time to Propose?

For those of you who are unmarried and in a relationship, is it finally time to propose? Take our test to find out:

• Does your girlfriend stop by every jewelry store at the mall and say, "That ring is really pretty"?
• When one of your friends gets engaged, does she give you the silent treatment?
• Does she keep repeating, "My parents really like you. They say that you're the son they never had"?
• At parties, does she introduce you as "This is my fiance -- oh, I mean my boyfriend..."?
• Have you been issued an ultimatum (e.g. If we are not engaged by Christmas, I'm moving on)?

Well, the holidays are almost here and it is the perfect time to "pop the question." You have probably heard of a bunch of ideas of creative ways to propose during Christmas Eve or during New Years. If you plan on making your way down to the Monterey Peninsula, give us a call (831-393-0445) and we will do our best to help you coordinate this special event. After all, the proposal story is one that will be told time and time again. Do it right, and you will love hearing it repeated. Do it wrong, and oh...well, there are always ear plugs or walking out of the room.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wife Appreciation Day

Guys - You are going to read this and wonder why I would mention a "made up" holiday that involves giving yet another gift. Well, sometimes a gift is better received when it in unexpected.

According to Chase's Guide to Special Events, September 16 is "National Wife Appreciation Day." Do you love your wife? Does she do a lot of nice things for you? Show her that you appreciate her -- on a day that is not her birthday, your anniversary, Christmas or Valentine's Day.

For an event like this, a simple gift that takes some thought and creativity is the best way to go. Take her to her favorite restaurant (or the restaurant where you first dined after being married) or for a picnic in the park. Treat her to a home-cooked meal or a night out on the town. Whatever you do, just take the time to really appreciate her this Saturday. There are a lot of men out there who are probably pretty jealous of what you have.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Romance Week

According to Chase's Guide to Annual Events, next week (August 13-19) is considered National Resurrect Romance Week. Should you care?

A lot of guys are down on the concept of Valentine's Day. Being "forced" into having to buy some spectacular gift on one particular day is a bit of added pressure that none of us needs.

But doing something romantic for her when she does not expect it can go a long way. And what better time to do it than Romance Week.

Do something nice not only for her but for yourself. Romance is about "you" the couple -- not just her. Have a little fun. Take her to a restaurant that has special meaning. Try to escape for a one night romantic getaway in the middle of the week. Buy her a gift that isn't super expensive but means a lot and that both of you can enjoy.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Ask Your Relationship Questions

Do you have any relationship questions that you need answered?

Recent questions (and answers) from previous blog posts:

- When she says she doesn't want anything for her birthday should I believe her?

No. She does want something and she wants to be surprised with a thoughtful gift -- not something you picked up hours before seeing her. The worst gift you can give in this case is something like a shrink-wrapped coffee gift basket from Costco.

- My girlfriend said she needs some space and time to think. Is she breaking things off with me?
Probably Yes. More than likely, she wants to see how life would be without you in it.

- My wife has been in a bad mood all week long. When I ask what's wrong, she says "nothing." What do you think is going on?
She is mad about something. Sit her down and ask her point blank. If she still maintains that nothing is wrong, let her know that you have noticed that she seems unhappy. The sooner you get to the root of the problem, the more quickly you can try to fix it.

Post your questions here. We will reply with a post soon.

A Love/Hate Relationship with the TV

Like most couples, my wife and I have a TV in the bedroom. Some days there is nothing better than to lay down in bed, flip on the tube and watch a good reality show. Watching our programs is important to us -- it is our guilty pleasure.

But spending the evening hours watching shows like Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order and (gulp) the Real World can take all of the life out of you. It's fun while you are watching it, but by the end of the night your mind and body are tired. Any thoughts of a passionate night go out the window about the same time the ten o'clock news promo's begin.

What is the solution to this dilemma. Take the television out of the bedroom? Are you really going to make love every night after disconnecting the cable?

You could change things up and rent a short, romantic movie or a steamy DVD and watch that one night. Get to bed a bit earlier that night. Have some "extras" standing by (like one of the Kama Sutra kits featured at romanticroomdesigns.com). Maybe television will add to your love life instead of subtracting from it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is "Just Because" A Good Enough Reason?

You have probably read or heard somewhere that women love to receive gifts when they are least expected. Instead of waiting for an anniversary or birthday, give the woman you love something special on a random day.

Well, this makes sense, doesn't it. Wouldn't you like to get a gift from your spouse or girlfriend on some miscellaneous Tuesday? Maybe you had a tough day at work and you're in a crappy mood. Stuck in the rut of "go to work - come home - eat dinner - watch TV - go to bed" only to re-start the process the very next day.

So, surprise her with a gift. It doesn't have to be a piece of jewlery or an expensive item. Something thoughtful and unique that shows her you are thinking about her will go a long way and the gift you receive in return will make it all the more worthwhile.

A random gift might also help when you do forget something like the anniversary of your first date. A gift like Romantic Room Designs Romance Inside A Box can be used over and over (set up the bedroom for a romantic evening without a whole lot of planning involved).

The best gift I ever received from my wife was a picnic dinner. After my final day at a job I hated, she surprised me at the office and "kidnapped" me. We went down to the beach, had a bonfire and some good food and wine.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Not All Men Are Created Equal

My best friend pointed out to me yesterday that not all men are alike. Some may get into the whole romance thing and enjoy planning a getaway weekend with their girlfriend or wife. For others, romance is a necessary evil -- something that must be done like taking out the trash or going to the dentist.

So why do we do something romantic for the woman we love? Well, you might be saying that by doing something nice for her, she will do something nice for you.

True (hopefully).

Or out of an altruistic sense you may just want to do something that proves that you really do love her. Regardless of the reason, the hardest part is figuring out what to do AND finding the time to do it.

For those of you who are married, you know that a committed relationship can be difficult to manage. Stress from work, kids, in-laws, and finances can drive the two of you apart. Getting caught in the daily routine can lead to something that adds on even more stress -- divorce.

So no matter what type of guy that you are, think about this the next time you lament about the lack of time you have to do something romantic for your significant other. A little time spent now will save you a lot of time later AND make you a hell of a lot happier.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

For Men Only

What is the big deal about romance? Doesn't she know that you love her without having to jump through hoops coming up with the perfect gift or just the right card?

The truth is that you have to work at a relationship to make it work. I know -- come home from work only to do more work? Believe me, having a happy marriage or a happy girlfriend provides more lasting rewards than most jobs deliver.

So, if you love her - show her. And be creative about it. Don't come home with a bunch of flowers from the market. Come home with a bunch of HER favorite flowers from a good florist. When it comes to finding the right gift, the value of the item isn't the most important thing (if it is and she is your girlfriend, run now).

You may have linked to us from a web site at www.romanticroomdesigns.com. The gifts on this page, specifically the romantic room designs and romance inside a box, are a good example of a thoughtful, creative gift. Other creative gift ideas:

- Make a gourmet dinner for her at home. If you don't know how to cook, just trying to make something simple goes a long way.
- Take her on a surprise picnic. Have the car all packed up and ready to go.
- Profess your love for her in the local newspaper. At Valentine's Day, everyone does this. Don't get lost in the crowd by publishing something on your anniversary or her birthday instead.
- Re-create your first date together (as detailed as possible). If you have them -- bring any photo's of your first date.
- Has she mentioned any particular gift item that she really wants (but has not bought for herself). Maybe it is something really small and not all that valuable. But buying it for her shows you are a good listener.

Being a romantic doesn't have to be hard. As long as you are in love with her, if you sit back and relax it will all come naturally to you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Forget about Valentines Day?

Did you forget to get a gift for Valentines Day? Did the gift that you presented to your loved one - well basically bomb? Don't just make up for it with a card or some flowers. Be creative and create your own Valentines Day. Maybe it is the anniversary of your first date. Set up an entire evening to make up for a less than perfect Valentines Day.

Top Romantic Movies

In the mood for an evening at home with a bottle of wine, chocolate fondue and a great, romantic movie? Check out some of these popular listings:

- When Harry Met Sally
- Breakfast at Tiffany's
- Bridges of Madison County
- Moonstruck
- Ghost
- Love, Actually
- Sleepless in Seattle

Welcome to our new Blog!

We are all looking for a little more romance in our lives. This is a forum where people can share their stories of how they keep their relationship fresh with a dash of romance.

You will find stories about real people displaying their love for each other in sometimes unusual ways. Articles about how to please your man or your woman.