Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Balancing Kids and Romance

I am sitting here with my wife and kids watching a television special about a family with sextuplets. It reminded me of the little things that we would need to do to keep romance alive in our relationship. Taking a bath together late at night. Giving each other a back rub. Bringing home a nice bottle of wine and curling up together to watch a movie. We had very little time or resources to leave the house and had to be as inventive as possible to make time for each other.

I have mentioned this before, but doing the little, thoughtful things for the one you love can be very romantic. The other day I brought my wife a card -- it wasn't her birthday or our anniversary but just a "I love you" card and one of her favorite candles. What can you do?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Funny Look at Valentines Day Gift Ideas for 2011

We shot a few short commercials about some of the typical gifts you might purchase for Valentines Day - and why you may want to rethink your plans. My kids are the actors - the scripts are real (my wife really did toss out my flowers!)

See All Four Videos

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentines Day Gift Ideas - Good and Bad

Valentines Day can actually be a little stressful. When it's the morning of February 14th and you find yourself roaming the aisles of a store like Target, Macy's or Costco, you may just end up with the "wrong" gift. Below is a link to a series of "funny" videos about valentines day gift ideas that could be better.

Challenging Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Should you Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Valentines Day. Love it or not, it takes place every February 14th causing quite a bit of stress in finding the right romantic Valentines day gift to give your special someone.

I have had friends who chose to ignore Valentines Day. "She'll understand," they say. "It is just a holiday made up by the greeting card companies to sell some product." That may be true but how does that reasoning work when you explain that to your significant other? Here is how the discussion might go:

You: "Hunny, let's skip Valentines Day this year. It's just some made up holiday anyway. I don't need someone to tell me when I should show you how much I love you."

Her: "Oh, okay. I guess so. Do you want to do anything on Valentines Day?"

You: "Let's just treat it like any other day."

Her: "Okay -- if that's what you want."

Is it okay? While most of her friends will go out and celebrate and receive thoughtful and romantic gifts, she will have an ordinary day. Sure, you love her and you do your best to show her that every day. But how would you feel if, say, your birthday came along and your special someone chose to ignore it?

Valentines Day. Love it - or leave it - it's still coming. Being romantic isn't about the amount of money you spend. It's about the thought. The time that you put in to planning something or making a purchase that is not something you bought at Target on February 14th just before closing and wrapped in newspaper.

Do you have any favorite romantic gift ideas or Valentine's Day stories? We would love to hear them! Send us an email at or comment on our blog. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kate and Leopold Movie

There are a lot of great romantic movies out there. Two nights ago it was Pretty Woman. Tonight it was Kate and Leopold. In the movie tonight, it served a gentle reminder that part of romance is taking the time to do something nice for the person you care about. In one of the movie scenes, "Leopold" sets up a romantic dining area on a roof-top with candles, a nice table with linens, flowers, a violinist and a home cooked meal. Of course, with movie magic this is a snap but in real life, how appreciated would something like this be!

The wife of an old college buddy wrote on Facebook about how lucky she is to be married to her husband. What brought this on? He did the dishes and helped with the laundry and helped her with some errands. All without being asked. It's simple, isn't it? Time. Creativity. Thoughtfulness.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Great Travel Radio Host in the San Francisco Area

John Hamilton has been in radio for over 55 years and is a really nice person! Check out his radio show every Saturday morning on KGO 810 in the San Francisco Bay Area (we get a strong signal in Monterey). You can view today's programming link to get an idea of what he covers.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Finding a long, lost love

I spoke with a client the other day that was really excited because he had connected with his high school sweetheart -- fifty years after the fact! They are both widowed and through a series of events, just happened to be able to restart a relationship.

Has anyone else out there had a similar experience? Maybe not so many years have passed by, but perhaps you have found an old flame and have begun dating again. We would love to hear your story! Just post your comments below.