Tuesday, June 20, 2006

For Men Only

What is the big deal about romance? Doesn't she know that you love her without having to jump through hoops coming up with the perfect gift or just the right card?

The truth is that you have to work at a relationship to make it work. I know -- come home from work only to do more work? Believe me, having a happy marriage or a happy girlfriend provides more lasting rewards than most jobs deliver.

So, if you love her - show her. And be creative about it. Don't come home with a bunch of flowers from the market. Come home with a bunch of HER favorite flowers from a good florist. When it comes to finding the right gift, the value of the item isn't the most important thing (if it is and she is your girlfriend, run now).

You may have linked to us from a web site at www.romanticroomdesigns.com. The gifts on this page, specifically the romantic room designs and romance inside a box, are a good example of a thoughtful, creative gift. Other creative gift ideas:

- Make a gourmet dinner for her at home. If you don't know how to cook, just trying to make something simple goes a long way.
- Take her on a surprise picnic. Have the car all packed up and ready to go.
- Profess your love for her in the local newspaper. At Valentine's Day, everyone does this. Don't get lost in the crowd by publishing something on your anniversary or her birthday instead.
- Re-create your first date together (as detailed as possible). If you have them -- bring any photo's of your first date.
- Has she mentioned any particular gift item that she really wants (but has not bought for herself). Maybe it is something really small and not all that valuable. But buying it for her shows you are a good listener.

Being a romantic doesn't have to be hard. As long as you are in love with her, if you sit back and relax it will all come naturally to you.