Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Romantic Anniversary Celebration

People often ask me if I do anything romantic for my wife. Spending my days providing a service that allows other people to show their romantic side, tends to leave me with not a whole lot of romantic creativity by the end of the day.

For your 10 year wedding anniversary, I did something simple that was really appreciated and shows that the concept for this business (creative, unique and not too costly) really does work. Although there were a lot of things we did and places we went on that special day, one thing stood out.

I surprised her with a trip to the hotel where we spent our first night as an engaged couple. She is a photographer so I had arranged for the hotel to display her best work in their breakfast room. When they escorted us in to show us around the hotel, she was shocked to see her work hanging in a public display.

Afterwards, we were taken up to the exact suite where I had proposed. Although the room was not decorated, I had done a "tub decoration" -- candles, rose petals, flowers, bath and body items, music. It is rare to relax in a bath and spend time with just the two of you - no distractions, no kids - just you, in the middle of the day. It was great.

Out of everything special that we did that day and evening, the thought of the picture and the set up of the tub stood out the most.