Monday, July 31, 2006

Ask Your Relationship Questions

Do you have any relationship questions that you need answered?

Recent questions (and answers) from previous blog posts:

- When she says she doesn't want anything for her birthday should I believe her?

No. She does want something and she wants to be surprised with a thoughtful gift -- not something you picked up hours before seeing her. The worst gift you can give in this case is something like a shrink-wrapped coffee gift basket from Costco.

- My girlfriend said she needs some space and time to think. Is she breaking things off with me?
Probably Yes. More than likely, she wants to see how life would be without you in it.

- My wife has been in a bad mood all week long. When I ask what's wrong, she says "nothing." What do you think is going on?
She is mad about something. Sit her down and ask her point blank. If she still maintains that nothing is wrong, let her know that you have noticed that she seems unhappy. The sooner you get to the root of the problem, the more quickly you can try to fix it.

Post your questions here. We will reply with a post soon.

A Love/Hate Relationship with the TV

Like most couples, my wife and I have a TV in the bedroom. Some days there is nothing better than to lay down in bed, flip on the tube and watch a good reality show. Watching our programs is important to us -- it is our guilty pleasure.

But spending the evening hours watching shows like Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order and (gulp) the Real World can take all of the life out of you. It's fun while you are watching it, but by the end of the night your mind and body are tired. Any thoughts of a passionate night go out the window about the same time the ten o'clock news promo's begin.

What is the solution to this dilemma. Take the television out of the bedroom? Are you really going to make love every night after disconnecting the cable?

You could change things up and rent a short, romantic movie or a steamy DVD and watch that one night. Get to bed a bit earlier that night. Have some "extras" standing by (like one of the Kama Sutra kits featured at Maybe television will add to your love life instead of subtracting from it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is "Just Because" A Good Enough Reason?

You have probably read or heard somewhere that women love to receive gifts when they are least expected. Instead of waiting for an anniversary or birthday, give the woman you love something special on a random day.

Well, this makes sense, doesn't it. Wouldn't you like to get a gift from your spouse or girlfriend on some miscellaneous Tuesday? Maybe you had a tough day at work and you're in a crappy mood. Stuck in the rut of "go to work - come home - eat dinner - watch TV - go to bed" only to re-start the process the very next day.

So, surprise her with a gift. It doesn't have to be a piece of jewlery or an expensive item. Something thoughtful and unique that shows her you are thinking about her will go a long way and the gift you receive in return will make it all the more worthwhile.

A random gift might also help when you do forget something like the anniversary of your first date. A gift like Romantic Room Designs Romance Inside A Box can be used over and over (set up the bedroom for a romantic evening without a whole lot of planning involved).

The best gift I ever received from my wife was a picnic dinner. After my final day at a job I hated, she surprised me at the office and "kidnapped" me. We went down to the beach, had a bonfire and some good food and wine.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Not All Men Are Created Equal

My best friend pointed out to me yesterday that not all men are alike. Some may get into the whole romance thing and enjoy planning a getaway weekend with their girlfriend or wife. For others, romance is a necessary evil -- something that must be done like taking out the trash or going to the dentist.

So why do we do something romantic for the woman we love? Well, you might be saying that by doing something nice for her, she will do something nice for you.

True (hopefully).

Or out of an altruistic sense you may just want to do something that proves that you really do love her. Regardless of the reason, the hardest part is figuring out what to do AND finding the time to do it.

For those of you who are married, you know that a committed relationship can be difficult to manage. Stress from work, kids, in-laws, and finances can drive the two of you apart. Getting caught in the daily routine can lead to something that adds on even more stress -- divorce.

So no matter what type of guy that you are, think about this the next time you lament about the lack of time you have to do something romantic for your significant other. A little time spent now will save you a lot of time later AND make you a hell of a lot happier.