Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wife Appreciation Day

Guys - You are going to read this and wonder why I would mention a "made up" holiday that involves giving yet another gift. Well, sometimes a gift is better received when it in unexpected.

According to Chase's Guide to Special Events, September 16 is "National Wife Appreciation Day." Do you love your wife? Does she do a lot of nice things for you? Show her that you appreciate her -- on a day that is not her birthday, your anniversary, Christmas or Valentine's Day.

For an event like this, a simple gift that takes some thought and creativity is the best way to go. Take her to her favorite restaurant (or the restaurant where you first dined after being married) or for a picnic in the park. Treat her to a home-cooked meal or a night out on the town. Whatever you do, just take the time to really appreciate her this Saturday. There are a lot of men out there who are probably pretty jealous of what you have.