Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Balancing Kids and Romance

I am sitting here with my wife and kids watching a television special about a family with sextuplets. It reminded me of the little things that we would need to do to keep romance alive in our relationship. Taking a bath together late at night. Giving each other a back rub. Bringing home a nice bottle of wine and curling up together to watch a movie. We had very little time or resources to leave the house and had to be as inventive as possible to make time for each other.

I have mentioned this before, but doing the little, thoughtful things for the one you love can be very romantic. The other day I brought my wife a card -- it wasn't her birthday or our anniversary but just a "I love you" card and one of her favorite candles. What can you do?


Mark Alexander said...

Gifts are the only the x factor which will prove your true relationship in a special occasion and that particular moment make your life very beautiful.

HampersAustralia said...

They key to romantic gift giving is keeping it simple. If anything, it should be used to enhance the romance, rather then be relied upon to create the moment. A bottle of wine, or some beers, with chocolates can be perfect for a relaxed enviroment that can be apprecieted with your loved one.

Unknown said...

simple romance is so important. there are alot of great ways to show it. a few ideas would be, a small love note in their luch box or pant pocket.suprise her, and have a glass of wine and help her cook dinner. you can give her a night off let her relax and you cook her favorite meal. One night while I was cooking dinner,(my husband at the time)put on our song and came into the kitchen and we slow danced. VERY romantic to just have him and I for a 3 minute love song.